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“Why Does My Loved One with Dementia Wander So Much?”


One of the most common behaviors dementia patients exhibit is wandering. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, six in ten dementia patients will wander at least once. But why does this happen? As your go-to choice for a life-enhancing dementia program in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hearts For Dementia Home Care would like to discuss this topic to prepare our clients’ families for this occurrence.

First of all, why do seniors with dementia wander? The Memory and Aging Center at the Weill Institute for Neurosciences explains that it is the result of what their condition does to their brains. The part of the brain that enables logical thinking deteriorates, making them more likely to follow spur-of-the-moment feelings or sensations. Home care assistance in Arizona can help you manage your loved one’s tendency to wander by identifying the cause of the behavior.

Based on our experience as a provider of home care services in Scottsdale, AZ, we list the most common causes:

  • They Think They’re Going to Work or Home

    Some seniors default to familiar routines, like going to work even after they’ve long retired or going home.

  • They Feel Scared or Agitated

    Their memory problems may make them think they’re in an unfamiliar or even a dangerous place.

  • They Are Lonely or Restless

    Their condition understandably makes it hard for them to pursue hobbies or spend time by themselves or with others.

Wandering can easily result in your loved one getting lost and seriously hurt. Fortunately, our customized home care in Scottsdale, AZ pairs them with a reliable team of caregivers who can understand their behaviors and help them stay safe and sound at home.

Talk to our team about your loved one’s needs. For other care options, we also offer senior placement services. Learn more today!

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