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Our brave soldiers served us first. Now, it is our time to thank them and serve them with all our hearts.

Do you know there are currently over 15 million Veterans who could qualify for the Veterans Association “Aid and Attendance” benefit program?

Do you know only 3% of eligible people currently take advantage of this benefit simply because they do not know the benefit exits or have been inaccurately told by the VA that they don’t qualify?

The Veterans Administration (VA) implemented the Aid and Attendance benefit for veterans and surviving spouses. This benefit can provide up to $2,200 per month for non-medical home care services. This includes meeting your care needs and assistance with daily living activities.

Eligibility for VA Aid and Attendance Benefit

  • Over 65 years old
  • A veteran, spouse of a living veteran, or surviving spouse of a veteran
  • The veteran served actively in the military for 90 days during WWII, Korean War, and/or Vietnam War.
  • The veteran received an honorable discharge.
  • The veteran and/or the surviving spouse meet income requirements.
  • The veteran, spouse of a living veteran, or surviving spouse of a veteran needs assistance with personal care tasks, such as bathing, grooming, meal preparation, and other daily activities.

Our VA Accredited Benefits Agents can help Veterans and their spouses apply for this benefit from the comfort of their own home. Applicants are approved 99.5% of the time within 2-5 months. Going to a local VA Regional Office to apply will most likely result in many trips to the VA Office, long lines, and waiting up to 10 years.

This service is available at no cost to clients. Should you have further inquiries, our office is always open to address your concerns. You may reach us at 480-720-9038 at your convenience.