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The Edge of Montessori Approach to Dementia Care


The Montessori approach is a method of education that Maria Montessori developed in the early 1900s. It focuses on developing independence and self-motivation in children through hands-on activities. Because of its emphasis on freedom of choice, this approach has been linked with supporting cognitive abilities. As a certified provider of a Dementia Program in Scottsdale, Arizona, we will discuss below the advantages of this approach to dementia care:

  • Focus on seniors’ capabilities

    The Montessori approach focuses on what older adults can do rather than what they can’t do. When you help someone with dementia focus on what they can still do, they’re likely to be more encouraged. You’ll give them confidence by motivating them in their abilities and giving them opportunities to practice those skills.

  • Reducing stress and encouraging independence

    Stress reduction is a vital part of good senior care. Seniors can become stressed when they feel they aren’t in control of their environment. A comprehensive Dementia Program in Maricopa County incorporating the Montessori approach helps seniors remain independent. They are encouraged to do things for themselves whenever possible—for example, getting up from their chairs without assistance or helping themselves to another spoonful of soup.

  • Family involvement

    Family members can play an essential role in the day-to-day lives of those with dementia. Family members can help with meal preparation, transportation to appointments, and providing emotional support.

Here at Hearts For Dementia Home Care, we incorporate the Montessori approach in our dementia care because we aim to help patients cope with their condition. Our home care assistance in Arizona is dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care focusing on your senior loved one’s capabilities.

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