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Taking Care of the Personal Hygiene of Dementia Patients


People with dementia may find it difficult to care for themselves due to the numerous tasks involved, or they may simply forget about their personal hygiene needs. They also worry about other aspects of personal hygiene. Some may fear falling in the bathroom if they suddenly become disoriented during a shower and simply don’t want to be left alone for that reason.

That is why they need all the help that they can get to attend to their personal hygiene needs. There are things you can try to help a person with dementia manage their hygiene, and among them is signing them up for senior home care in Tempe AZ. This is a choice that will help both the patient and his or her family.

Hearts for Dementia Home Care provides high-quality services that include personal hygiene. We provide hands-on, gentle care to our clients. We will assist them with daily activities such as the following:

Our home care assistance in Arizona is unlike others. We provide home care led by the solution, not by the problem. Our team of professionals will assist with dignity and respect, with the goal of not only ensuring that our clients keep healthy hygiene habits but also promoting independence and maintaining their dignity.

If you are seeking a provider of a Dementia Program in Scottsdale, Arizona that understands how intimate and sensitive it is to help individuals with their hygiene tasks, connect with us today and call us at 480-720-9038.

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