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Starting a Conversation About Dementia 


The signs can start with something small like repeatedly asking questions or being unable to concentrate on a daily task until it worsens over time and your loved one starts getting lost in familiar places.

Our home care assistance in Arizona is here to walk you through the basics of how to open up to someone who you suspect might have dementia.

The health care team of our Dementia Program in Scottsdale, Arizona, has gathered basic guidelines for you to follow:

  • Find the Perfect Timing and Environment

    You have to gauge the patient’s mood or consider if it is the appropriate time to tell them about their possible condition. In cases like these, the caregivers of home care in ScottsDale AZ would look for signs that the patient’s body is well-rested and their mind is in good condition to receive and process the news. Opening the conversation must also be done in a relaxing environment with little to no distractions.

  • Discuss it Patiently

    It would be better to have an outline of how you would deliver your message to determine what the best approach is. When you know the right words to say, gently express your concern over the matter. Give them time to take in the information.

  • Prepare for Follow Up Questions

    Some patients cope better with knowing more right from the get-go, so they rapidly ask questions, like what the symptoms are, what could be the causes, and what the possible solutions are. The proper course of action would be to get a medical assessment and consider looking into Senior Placement Services.

The Home Care Services in Scottsdale AZ of Hearts For Dementia Home Care can orient you on the basics of dementia care and the process that comes with it.

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