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Debunking Misconceptions About Dementia


There are many misconceptions about Dementia. Sometimes, this is why ailments and their symptoms are difficult to eradicate, as beliefs hinder people under home care in ScottsDale AZ, and anywhere else in the world from getting cures and following the proper treatment methods.

As a provider of senior placement services, we care for misguided people as they can potentially refuse help if we do not spread awareness.

Here are some misconceptions we want to debunk.

  • Dementia is equal to Alzheimer’s Disease.
    No. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia, and people are using these terms interchangeably due to confusion.
  • Dementia is not fatal.
    Dementia is not fatal, for it is only a general term for mental function impairment. But, its types, especially Alzheimer’s disease, can cause death. Alzheimer’s was the 6th leading cause of mortality in the US in 2014, as per the CDC.
  • Only older people have it.
    It affects elderly adults in general but can occur in people from 30 to 50 years old.
  • Dementia is curable.
    There is no known cure for dementia and its types. But with early detection, patients can benefit from a treatment and Dementia program in Scottsdale, Arizona, that may slow down the progression.

Should your dementia patients need home care assistance in Arizona, we are here to help. Hearts For Dementia Home Care understands how crucial your battle is against memory loss and other symptoms, and we want to be part of your journey in discovering more about your loved one’s condition.

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