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Creative Arts and Improv Can Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s


While receiving an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis may not be the funniest thing to happen to anyone, research from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre Company show that patients who know how to make jokes about their conditions are better at coping and managing the disease.

Studies are still ongoing as to whether theater classes and improvisational comedy can have a positive effect on seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. However, initial surveys do show that improv comedy, where participants don’t need to memorize lines or follow a plot, is proving to be beneficial to dementia patients involved.

The role of creative arts in the effective management of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is being studied worldwide. According to the International Art Therapy Organization, art therapy can give Alzheimer’s patients a new way to communicate their needs as well as boost concentration. This fosters a better and more open relationship between a caregiver and patient.

Here, at Hearts For Dementia Home Care, we aim to provide our patients with everything they need, from home care assistance in Arizona to customized dementia programs in Maricopa County.

To meet our goals of providing our clients with high-quality care, we continuously improve our services and dementia programs in Scottsdale, Arizona, to include activities that are beneficial to our patients. Art therapy is one of the many services we offer our clients when they first sign up for our dementia care services.

In this, your loved one can enjoy classes and workshops where they can explore their creativity and discover a better way to communicate with others.

We also offer reliable senior placement services to help you find the best facilities for your loved one.

To learn more about our offers and programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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