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Alzheimer’s Caregiving: Tips to Help Ease Communication


Alzheimer’s disease is a type of brain disorder that slowly impairs a person’s memory and thinking abilities. This type of dementia will eventually make it difficult to carry out the simplest tasks. Hence, seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may require home care or senior placement services to ensure their daily needs are met.

As a home care agency offering a dementia program in Scottsdale, Arizona, we will share tips to help ease communication with a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Utilize Body Language

    During the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, verbal skills can become severely limited. Hence, utilizing body language is an essential part of how you communicate. Maintaining eye contact and a relaxed posture can help make your loved one feel comfortable while using gestures can make it easier for them to understand.

  • Reduce Distractions

    Before engaging in conversation, reduce distractions first. Turning off the television or radio will remove auditory or visual distractions. This makes it easier for your loved one to focus on the conversation at hand.

  • Maintain Positivity

    As an agency specializing in a dementia program in Maricopa County, we recommend maintaining a positive attitude when communicating. Be aware of your body language and tone to help your loved one feel more comfortable.

To help our clients achieve overall wellness, we at Hearts For Dementia Home Care offer home care assistance in Arizona. Reach out to us to arrange an assessment for a loved one.

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